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Our long-term goal is to be put out of business.

Every day, we work toward long-term, sustainable solutions: empowering survivors as activists and agents of change, training them as entrepreneurs and helping them to launch new businesses, educating the 'johns'--the men who participate in the sex industry and may or may not know the depth of exploitation and abuse, working with local students and 'Gen Y' influencers to make this kind of exploitation inteolerable, and partnering with the legal and government community to promote rule of law and increase the punishments for traffickers and their networks. We also engage corporations to leverage their resources toward protection and prevention, and as partners in the movement.

To this end, we created a platform for a passionate network of anti-trafficking activists to say "no more" to the existence of this horrific crime in their lifetime. PROJECT FUTURES global helps students, young professionals, and supporters to take action: to raise awareness of the issue and raise funds toward its solutions.

Right now, we need support for Somaly's outreach teams and shelters in Cambodia, and for SMF's work in advocacy, education, and engaging the proper stakeholders worldwide.

Here are a few examples of what your funds can make possible: 

  • $25. The cost of one month of training materials for a survivor to learn skills in one or more areas: sewing, hairdressing, weaving, computer training, English, life skills, small business management, and agriculture
  • $54. The cost per month to provide a resident of a center with three nutritious meals per day, including rice, meat or fish, and vegetables at each meal
  • $135. Covers all services and provisions for one survivor for one month, including food, accommodation, education and training, hygiene kits, clothing, and recreational activities
  • $3,000. The amount estimated to rescue and recover one victim of the commercial sex industry and help her to build a life of dignity and independence.

Tools to Get Started: 

  • - Campaign for the cause. Create a campaign to reach a fundraising goal. This could mean donations instead of birthday gifts, taking a pledge, doing a marathon or walk for the cause,  or anything else you can imagine. This spring, our PF global challenge riders raised nearly $120,000 by fundraising in advance of their ride. Last year, our local marathon runners raised nearly $20,000 by doing the same.
  • We recommend:
  • Crowdrise let you build your own fundraising campaign, add images and information about SMF, and share the link for your friends and family to donate quickly and easily. You can even invite others to be a part of your team and raise a larger goal together. The 50 Grand team raised over $50,000 in less than six months last year.
  • is seamlessly integrated with Facebook and with giving to SMF. Donate your birthday, graduation, wedding or other big life event to the Somaly Mam Foundation using this application. 
  • - Company Sponsorships. Often, companies are required to give a charitable donation each year and are looking for worthy recipients. Help us reach these companies and by sharing information about SMF with your workplace or networks. All donations are tax-deductible in the US. We love to publicly thank our corporate supporters on our broad social media platforms too (400,000 Twitter followers, 40,000 on Facebook). Visit the downloads section for more information.
  • - TEXT to GIVE. Giving to support the cause is as easy as sending a text message. To donate $10 to the fight against sex slavery and the empowerment of its survivors, text RESCUE to 80088 and reply with YES when prompted.

Our fearless and tireless team in Southeast Asia does the heavy lifting, and our U.S. team is committed to elevating a survivor voice in the global conversation around sex trafficking and activating a critical mass of individuals, companies, and governments who can make change. 

But we couldn't do it without your help. Thank you for joining us in the fight, supporting this critical work, and helping us build a world where women and children are safe from slavery.